Perform industry-leading biological age analysis

At the core of the Talents of Tomorrow software is an advanced biological age calculation. In every aspect of your work with young athletes, you will be able to easily compare them with their biological age group and see the difference to the chronological age. Whether you want to use PHV (Mirwald), Khamis-Roche, X-rays, DNA tests, or any other method to measure maturity, it works seamlessly with the software.

ipad talent profile

Get the true picture of talents’ performances

The biological age calculation allows you to compare talents to the appropriate biological age group instead of others with a similar chronological age. This approach gives you a much more realistic view of their physical performances. Compare biological age with tests of speed, endurance, power, agility, or whichever parameter you find important. Use clever graphs to discover who will still grow a lot and who is far ahead. Spot who is on track in their development and who is not.

  • Consistent benchmarks always revealing the relation between performance, chronological-, and biological age
  • A wide selection of graphs that each provide their own unique insights

ipad benchmarks

Turn talents into professional athletes

You can save data history from first team athletes, who have been through your own talent development process. Compare their progress to the current talents and see if they are on track to reach the highest level. When talents are ready to aim for A-team status, choose the highest performing senior athletes, depending on position or specialty, and use their test results as benchmarks. You will know exactly what improvements a talent needs to make and when.

  • Store data history from successfully developed athletes to track the best paths to first team status
  • Use biological age as an indicator of when a talent is ready to start competition oriented physical training
  • Compare more developed talents to the best senior athletes according to position and physical performance

Engage talents to help you

In addition to the software, Talents of Tomorrow offers an optional talent/parent login where they can provide extra data that you need. This could be their growth measurements, wellbeing status, or exercises they have done. The solution is flexible and can be used for whichever purpose you wish. It will reduce your own desk work a lot, so you can spend more time directly with the athletes. Data recorded via the talent/parent login will go directly to the software and automatically be checked for validity. Lastly, it is an opportunity to engage talents and parents more in their own growth and development.

  • Minimise desk work by letting talents and parents supply you with extra data
  • Engage talents and parents more in their own growth and development

Receive insightful reports

The Talents of Tomorrow team have strong capabilities within data analysis. We use this to deliver sharp reports about your talent group and how they compare to others, including previous youth athlete studies. We conduct these reports from time to time as an additional service to the software, for the trainer that wants to go one level deeper.