Maximise the athletic potential of all your talents

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Do you know exactly how each talent develops?

Take any two 15 year olds. One of them could already be at the end of their growth spurt, resembling an adult. While the other haven’t really started growing yet, maintaining the physique of a child. Numerous studies show that maturity differences among young athletes have a major impact on team selection, physical performance, and how you should focus training.

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Biological age leads the way

With the Talents of Tomorrow software, you will get the true picture of your talents with an advanced biological age calculation. It shows the maturational stage of all athletes, so their chronological age will not misinform you. Biological age is used to compare talents with their peers and supports other functions in the software, providing the best precision for working with growing athletes.

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Optimal athletic development

Record and compare how talents perform in different physical tests. Discover the influence of biological age and see who has potential yet to be developed. Use data history from previous talents, who have become professional athletes, to guide development of new ones. When talents are ready to aim for the senior team, you will know exactly what improvements are needed for them to compete on the highest level.

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  • Record
    Record any growth factors and physical performances
  • Bio age
    Discover the biological age of each talent and track their growth
  • Talent profiles
    Get detailed talent profiles
  • Benchmarks
    See how talents perform in their biological age group
  • Compare
    Analyse talents with clever graphs
  • Go for pro
    Compare older talents to highest performing senior athletes
  • Talent login
    Minimise desk- and data collection work by engaging talents and parents
  • Reports
    Receive reports with extra insights from our data analysis team




  • Profile image
    Alexander Gotfredsen
    Club Relations
    CEO and responsible for club dialogue and success. Business background with passion for studying the development of high performers.
  • Profile image
    Dr. Lasse Folkersen
    Data Analysis
    Responsible for statistical analysis and informatics. Assistant professor at the Technical University of Denmark. PhD and postdoc in bioinformatics and genetics.
  • Profile image
    Johannes Jacob
    Data Storage and Security
    Responsible for data handling and security. Engineering background with a keen interest in everything technical.
  • Profile image
    Theis Frøhlich
    Software Usability
    Responsible for data visualisation and software usability. Digital development background with a mission to create high-performing products.
  • Profile image
    Daniel McKimm
    Sports Science
    Responsible for our sports science profile. Dan has a background as elite cyclist and football coach at Coventry United LFC
  • Profile image
    Frederik Sevelsted
    Exercise Science Advisor
    M.Sc. in exercise physiology and sport sciences. Holds the position of training advisor and co-developer of Military Physical Training in the Danish Armed Forces.
  • Profile image
    Dr. Erica Monfardini
    Business Advisor
    Erica holds the position of Director of Operations at Luxembourg Center of Systems Biomedicine. She has a scientific background from her PhD in Veterinary Medicine.